Rodent Poison Alert

Bromethalin was ingested by a Yorkie recently. It is a grain based bait. The block of poison was not in a bait station (box). The dog readily ate the end of the bait. The company that makes the poison confirmed there is no antidote. The poison kills by causing swelling in the brain with eventual paralysis and death. Luckily, we got the dog to throw up his stomach contents eliminating much of the ingested poison. We followed this with activated charcoal to bind the remaining poison. The dog survived due to early recognition of the poison and timely treatment.

PLEASE be careful with all rodent poisons. Place them where pets cannot get to them. Be especially careful Bromethalin as there is no antidote.

About Dr. David J Smith

Dr. Smith has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years and has owned Bay Road Animal Hospital since 1980. He has over 3 decades of veterinary experience, treating small animals such as dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. Dr. Smith was born and raised in Philadelphia. After graduating high school, he decided to attend nearby Ursinus College in Collegeville, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in 1969. He attended the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine after completing his undergraduate work, graduating in the class of 1973. Dr. Smith started his veterinary career in Annandale, VA where he practiced medicine for Springfield Animal Hospital. He decided to move to Sarasota one year later after taking a vacation to all of the wonderful beaches and waterways. He immediately began working for Bay Road Animal Hospital, which was owned by Dr. William Greene at that time. In 1976, he became partners with Dr. Greene and then eventually bought the practice in 1980 when Dr. Greene retired. Dr. Smith opened Crossings Animal Hospital in 1990 to serve east Sarasota. He still owns both locations, where he resides as the chief veterinarian. Dr. Smith has a special interest in internal medicine, dermatology, and avian and exotic pets. Dr. Smith was president of the Southwest Florida VMA and was awarded a gold star award from the FVMA for his professional abilities and leadership. He is also known for his generosity. He performs free spay and neuter operations for organizations such as the Humane Society of Sarasota County. He also provides vet services at a discounted price for many non-profits throughout the area. Dr. Smith is the most recognizable veterinarian in Sarasota. You might know him from BLAB TV, where he had a show, All About Pets, for over 10 years. He has also appeared countless times on local news stations like SNN and Channel 7. You can watch him now on our Facebook page, where he does daily tips and offers important vet advice on a routine basis. Dr. Smith likes boating, golf, tennis, and trail riding. He is also a huge fan of the Florida Gators and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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