Pros and Cons of Different Heartworm Prevention

Dr. Rosenberry thought it would be a good idea if we posted the pros and cons of the different heartworm preventions on the market. Here is a list of the top 4:

ProHeart: Pros – Only given two times a year so you don’t have to remember giving it every month.
Cons – It’s only heartworm prevention, no flea prevention included. Also, your pet needs to come in and receive an injection from a veterinarian, it cannot be given at home.

Heartgard: Pros – Tasty, easy to give
Cons – Must remember every month, also only heartworm prevention

Trifexis: Pros – Heartworm AND flea control and also kills adult fleas.
Cons – Must remember every month, bad taste which causes many dogs to refuse it, may cause vomiting

Sentinel: Pros – Heartworm and flea control, prevents fleas from reproducing
Cons – must remember every month, does not kill adult fleas, all pets in the household have to be on it for it to be effective

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