Our Doctors’ Favorite Heartworm Prevention

We always get questions on heartworm prevention. Mainly, clients want to know what heartworm prevention is the best. So we asked our veterinarians and here is what they said:

Dr. Smith: “I have two heartworm preventive favorites one for the most bang for your buck called Trifexis, it covers heartworm and intestinal worms (hooks rounds and whips, some of which infect people) and it kills fleas for one month. Unfortunately some dogs find the taste awful and will not take the pill, I own such a dog. For her I use my alternate favorite preventive, Heartgard. It comes in a very tasty pill. It prevents heartworms and hooks and round intestinal worms, but not fleas. So I use Nexgard for fleas and ticks which also comes in a tasty pill. I believe the pills are tasty but only from observing the dogs; I personally have not tried them.”

Dr. Rosenberry: “ProHeart because you only have to think about it twice a year.”

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